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Port O’Connor Texas

The goal was to travel down to arguably the finest Bull Redfish fishing spot in the known world. Port O’Connor Texas.

We drove down from Lake Livingston , a trip that took about 4 hours, Vicki and I arriving about 30 before my two fishing buddies Cousin Bob and Big Jim. Bob, in the nearly 40 years I have known him taught me how to fish while Jim taught me how to laugh out loud. Bob helped teach me the importance of family, Jim helped teach me the importance of friends.

Bob came in from St. Louis hooking up with Jim in Austin. We had dinner on the tailgate of Jim’s new truck barbecueing steaks on our little gas grill along with potato salad and an apple pie we got from a BBQ joint we came upon in Wharton Texas. We also bought broccoli at a HEB grocery store. Vicki’s first foray into a HEB... Maybe we will go to a Buckys next.

We stayed at R and R resort and casita. It seems great, the paddocks smooth, flat and clean. In addition, the alligator that supposedly lives in the central pond is said to harmless.

Tomorrow I get up early and head out to catch monster redfish, speckled trout and anything else that hits our line.

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