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Port O’Connor Part 2

Port O’Connor is located on the Gulf of Mexico on the south east coast of Texas. the area is a brushy desert the town being about 15 square blocks. What brought us to Port O’Connor was fishin, and to be more specific Red Fish. Yeah they have speckled trout and amber jacks but people come from all around the world to fish for bull red fish.

To accompany me on my mission to catch the biggest bull red in the world were my friend Jim and my cousin Bob.

Vicki, opting to remove herself from the intense fishing extravaganza on the gulf, chose to relax, read and thankfully do laundry ( what a saint)

We stayed at R and R Resort and Casitas. It was nice in a top end KOA kind of way. Before and after fishing we would hang out at the Pup had dinner at night using Jim‘s brand new truck’s tail gate as a table and breakfast the next morning.

The small lake at the center of the RV park had an even smaller alligator which was content to relax with the four of us. All in all we had a great time and now we’re ready to head straight west toward the California coast.

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