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Potters Creek Campground at Canyon Lake Texas

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

We headed the 5 hours northwest to Canyon Lake and what we found reminded us of home.

The lake and trees looked just like Table Rock Lake Missouri. It was a huge lake with thick trees homes right on the water and lots of boats. Our campsite was at Potter’s Creek loop #4, #88. It backed right up to a bike trail that went beautifully through the woods. In addition, it was right next to the water so we could go paddle boarding and the site adjacent to ours was flat so we could play pickle ball.

i tried fishing but with no Luck.

It was great except for the poison ivy and boy did I get it. What a pain.

Undeterred, we had a great time. fixed the Pup’s window so it opened wider and on the way out we went to my friend Jim and Fran’s house near Austin. That is Jiim in the blue shirt. What a blast.

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Dr. H. W. Wright
Dr. H. W. Wright
Apr 21, 2021


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