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Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

First off, everyone should see the Redwoods, so majestic, so tall, so awe inspiring.

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park is very remote with no cell service so my first blog was lost in the wind so here goes the second attempt.

Riding north on the 1/101, the mostly 2 lane highway is lined with tall pine trees and redwoods, the road is so curvy there was even a 10 mph curve and plenty of 20 mph curves, needless to say it was a slow but beautiful drive with ocean vistas of wild, windy water crashing into huge rocks.

We arrived at our “basic” campsite. It was very spacious and had an amazing view of old redwoods, new redwoods and ferns. We immediately got the bikes out and road the Prairie Creek trail, which ran into the BIG tree and wow was it big! It made humans look like ants.

We made a fire and heated up our leftover sandwiches from lunch and leftover biscuit and corn beef hash from breakfast. It was coat weather so we put the big blanket on the bed and had a cozy night.

The next day we heard about the Cal Barrel road. Turns out the road was closed to cars so we pushed our bikes up the 3 miles of pristine old growth redwoods. We felt all alone in the world. There was a large tree that was hollow with a front door, back door and window, reminded me of the Bernstein bears.

There was no electricity and since we wwere staying two nights, we turned off the refrigerator (we really wanted lights and heat) and the frozen foods were thawing so we had grilled Italian sausages for lunch and hamburgers for dinner.

Howard took a nap and I went out to hike the campground trails. I followed the nature trail which had huge redwood trees right on the trail. I crossed the bridge over the creek and there were 5 different trails to choose from I picked the beach trail but it was too awesome with the large redwoods and I thought I have to go back and get Howard (he can sleep when he’s dead) and diverted to the campground trail. There was a sign a ways back that mentioned a seasonal bridge?? I walked a mile up and down a ravine and came to the creek- It looked knee high with a bottom of smooth rocks, so I took off my boots and socks and waded the 25 feet across. And yes it was cold.

When I got back to the Pup I woke Howard with “you gotta see this .“

This is one of our top 3 campgrounds we have ever visited. Highly recommend.

- Vicki

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