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Quinault Lake Washington

So we decided we wanted to see Olympia National Park and headed north, leaving the crowded Pacific Beach State Park to stay at the RainForest Resort in Quinault, Washington. The road was two lane 101 winding through pine trees and birch trees. Upon reaching the beautiful Quinault lake we saw a sign for the Rain Forest Resort and decided to stay there. We were the only customer in the campground. But if it was summer, the campground would be wall to wall campers.

The lake would have been great to fish and paddleboard on but we were informed that the lake was “closed”. Quinault lake is owned by the Quinault tribe and its closed to non tribe in the winter. So we took the view that it’s a a very big private lake, so we had to be happy with just the view.

A highlight was the Salmon House restaurant. We got dill salmon and grilled salmon and smoked salmon and bacon wrapped scallops- all the most delicious! We took it go and sat at a picnic table at Falling Waters State Park which was just down the road.

We biked, hiked, it was amazing .

Then we watched the sun go down over that beautiful very peaceful, not a soul on it, mountain lake.

Vicki Wright

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