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Lake Havasu SP: RVing our way to St. Louis

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

We arrived in Lake Havasu from the west. For the final 30 miles we traveled, we found ourselves parallel to the Colorado river as it cut between rocky bluffs. As we moved along with the river on our left, RV parks, camps and small towns sprung up right on the water. We finally arrived at Lake Havasu state park, dropped off the Pup, hopped on our bikes and rode a short mile to see th London bridge. 

I had heard how beautiful going north on the  Colorado River  was so, the  next morning we rented a Sall boat for What I thought was way too much money and went on A our 4 hour boat ride up the Colorado river. 

“You can’t do that.”

It was the rental guy. He looked like Shaggy from the Scooby doo cartoon’s. 

“Why not?” I asked frustrated.

“It is too dangerous.“ He replied.

I gave him a dozen reasons why we could do it. He agreed. 

“Ok,” the dorky young man said, and then with a last sendoff he added “but we won’t go up and save you if you get in trouble.”

“Fine” I said 

I let Vicki drive the boat. 

Within ten minutes we were in a veritable land mine of sandbars. 

I leaned over the bow and stared into the crystal clear Water. The depth Was no deeper then two foot deep. 

We rotated the moto up making certain it was still pissing and moved north

Suddenly we see a pontoon boat mid channel 

“Maybe we should go that way“

Before the words were out of my mouth the pontoon boat slammed into a sand bar. 

We stopped all forward motion. 

Five minutes later a high power fishing boat moves upriver hugging the left bank, the motor sending a crows tail into the sky from it’s raised engine. Two minutes later another boat, this time running down stream highs the same bank. 

We back the rental boat into deeper water and run tight in the diminishing trail of the last boat. 

Very cool  Until vicki lost her windbreaker somewhere between Arizona and California. We searched all around but it must have sunk. 


The next morning we headed east to Alamo state park Arizona


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Looks like a wonderful time for all!

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