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Salt Lake City UT

Updated: May 21, 2021

It was three hours out of Umatilla that Vicki heard that her father needed to have emergency surgery. His bowel obstruction, if it were to burst, would be life ending so the doctors were to start surgery within the hour.

With prompting from our daughter and myself, Vicki decided to fly out of Boise ID, and with a stop over in Denver, head for St. Louis. I would drive the 25 hours back to St. Louis by myself.

We drove to the Boise airport with us going to arrive about an hour early until the clocks all changed by an hour. We now were going to arrive 10 minutes late. Damn mountain time

Vicki driving the speed limit with our little Pup zipping along behind we made it just in time.

By the grace of God, Vicki’s Dad was pretty OK. The surgery was minor and Dad was in good spirits and Ok. Seeing that only one person was allowed to visit him at the hospital and he was looking good, the importance of Vicki showing up became less important.

Vicki, was now in Denver where the connecting flight was delayed by 2 hours.

At this point I was two hours out of Salt Lake City and being the social animal that I am, and knowing that I dreaded driving 8 hours a day for three days by my self (My daughter offered to fly into Salt Lake and meet me. I said no.), I suggested to Vicki that she skip the connection to St Louis and fly to Salt Lake City Airport

20 min out of Salt Lake City Vicki (while waiting for her flight out of Denver) found a KOA, but not any KOA. This was the largest RV campground ever.

I pulled in, unhitched the Pup and sat down and waited for Vicki’s flight to arrive.

Two hours passed, and a Subway 6 inch later, she arrived. I drove the 11 minutes to the airport and the dynamic duo were back together.

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