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Saratoga Riverview RV

We flew into SLC airport at about 11am, went to get the pup from Eagle Mountain storage and headed east. Originally we thought we would stay at Rawlins but we noticed there were hot springs in Saratoga, Wyoming. So we had a change of course. The Hot Springs are only 20 off highway 80.

Worrisome were the flashing highway signs saying “warning 60 mph gusts starting at 8 pm”. Hmmm we could be at the hot springs by 7:30pm …. We pull in to Saratoga about 7:30pm and after a few wrong turns find the Saratoga Riverview RV park. It consisted of about 12 spots and we had number 6. No water because it was below freezing.

There was a nice brewery restaurant across the street for dinner and bathroom.

Since it was dark and we had to go across two foot bridges to get to the free public hot springs we decided to visit in the am.

Wow! nicest hot springs ever.

The hot water was pumped directly into the pool - very hot. There were three pools, a small pool with hottest water, the big pool with water bubbling up through the gravel and stone bottom and a side pool that was the least hot. We had a relaxing soak but had to keep standing up to prevent ourselves from fainting because this was a public pool with no supervision 😁 but there was a sign that said no nude bathing allowed. We should cooled off in the nearby river as a local suggested.

Howard caught a brown trout in the North Platte river which was right next to the hot springs .

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