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Seminole State Park Georgia

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Beyond amazin. A beautiful lake, large spread out campsites. Just plain wonderful. we got situate, I bought a one day fishing license and off we went.

unfortunatly, my bike was broken. It seems in all the transport my front tire lost its lug nut. No lug nut no front tire.

I walked around the campground until I came upon the campground host. He was a kind looking guy, old very Santa like with the exception of the worn, stretched out T shirt , bald head and cigarette hanging from his mouth.

I asked him if he had a nut that would fit my bike axel and he said “doubt it” then reluctantly agreed to look. Sure enough after less than a minute he pulls a wing it from the bottom of a box of rusted screws that fit perfectly. Only problem was that we didn’t have a washer that would fit into the front supports. But you know what did? A dime, so we cut a hole in the middle (please, save me the lecture on government crime. I will take my chances) and off we rode... then the dogs attacked.

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