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Sleeping Bear Partpt 2

Updated: May 24, 2021

We got up early and we’re in the car by 6:00 to get to the boat and Captain Bill by 6;30. There was little wind and fishing was great.

The water was clear and cold, about 60 degrees. You could look down and see rocks through 20 feet of water. We must have caught 15 fish keeping two for ourselve, another 8 going to Capt Bill. The largest 12 pound.

Getting back to camp, we relaxed, rode bikes to Lake Michigan, took pictures and got eaten by flies. Ugh.

We had hot dogs and salad for dinner cheese cake and played Kingdomino. Mike won

The next day we jumped at the chance to float the Platte River. The canoe rental to float the Platte River opened at 9:00 so we were there at 9;05. Vicki and I took individual kayaks for the 6 mile float and the water was great. We could see trout and large smallmouth bass in the crystal clear water. While we were floating, Dona and Mike took a walk along the river.

All four of us met up later to bike the Sleeping Bear Heritage bike trail from the Dune Climb parking lot to Glen Haven historic village for lunch.

Making it back to Dune Climb, we climbed the dune (thought we would see Lake Michigan but just saw sand as the lake was 4 miles away) then motored our way to Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive. It was amazing to see the cliffs we saw while fishing the day before.

Exhausted, we motored back to Sleeping Bear in a light rain and the hope of getting to bed early.

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