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Sleeping Bear Platte River pt 1

Updated: May 23, 2021

We woke up fairly early and were excited to head to Sleeping Bear after enjoying the pastries we purchased in South Haven the day before. Dona even shared her personal cherry pie with everyone. It was great!

It took us 3 hours to drive to Sleeping Bear. On the way there, abmixture of pine trees and what looked like a mixed deciduous forest surrounded us. Vicki and I drove ahead of Dona and Mike in the Winabego so we could scout a restaurant for lunch and find cool scenic pull outs that would accommodate the 25 foot RV.

We arrived at Sleeping Bear, got checked in and pulled into our campsites. The campsites, 101 and 102, were side by side but 50 yards apart, which was fine considering Mike and Dona always had their air conditioner running. We set up our tent and Dona and Mike parked the RV.

It was beautiful with Lake Michigan and the Platte River a short bike ride away.

The next morning we were signed up for a chartered adventure and went north 10 miles to fish with Capt Bill for lake trout.


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