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Smokey Mountain Resort and RV Park

Smokey Mountain Resort and RV Park


I falsely thought this was in the Smokey Mountain national park ( it was near a half mile from the National Park.)

After a mountainous twisting road we arrived at the campground.   

After passing the monthly RVs we came to a small office.   We were assigned #16 by the creek, which did have a nice rippling water sound to it. 

The was a washing machine in a shed and they were very trusting - just put a dollar for wash and a dollar for a dry in the mailbox on the office door. 


Upon walking the gravel road around the campground. I saw a big game shed and basketball backboard with a sign- no basketball after 9 pm.  

There was a group of teenagers camping in the far field , seemed to be a church group of some kind. 

It turned out to be a quiet campground.


The next day we needed to go to Charolette airport and catch a plane to Chicago for our granddaughters bday weekend.  

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