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Smokey Mountains National Park. Elkmont Campground

The trip from Smokemont to Elkmont was uneventful with the exception of the hard left turn we were supposed to take at the Sugarland Visitor center. It seems that Gatlinburg renamed the visitors center something different so that in confusion people are shunted to downtown Gatlinburg. Fancy that.

We wove our way out of the crowded city, back and forth on tiny roads, the Pup thankfully following close behind until we ultimately arrive at our once again, primitive campsite. It was beautiful. Unfortunately, I have had a runny nose itchy eyes and a sneeze. We decided to head back to the dreaded Gatlinburg to find a pharmacy and acquire some Claritin D and what do we see sprinting across the road but a small Black Bear. Cute as a bug it was.

And. by the way, I began feeling better.

It rained like a bugger that evening and we holed up in the pup using the solar string lights in the RV for lighting. Thanks Dona and Jane or friends for the gift. Being cooped up I also came up with a new invention, PULL WRIGHT BOOT LACES!!!

We hiked all over the areas near Elkmont the trees and mountains beyond beautiful. We hiked various trails including the Trillium Gap Trial at the mid-way point of the Cherokee Orchard Road.

After the hike, we headed to the 11-mile Cades Cove Loop that was closed to vehicle traffic. It was a beautiful ride over rolling hills and open fields. we saw deer turkeys and at least 6 Black bears.

What a delight.

Now it is back to St. Louis.

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