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Smokey Mountains National Park. Smokemont Campground

We passed through Backer gap at an elevation of 3370 ft and ended up in the Smokey Mountains National Park. It is beautiful. We chose Smokemont Campground, a campground nestled next to the Oconaluftee River, a clear beautiful, fast-moving stream that was about ten feet across and a foot deep.

Just inside the Smokemont area there is a cool 1900’s farm with pigpen, corncrib and log home

After getting set up in our primitive campsite we biked and hiked all over. This campground had no Wi-Fi, no power and no water, but it was gorgeous.

The next day was Vicki’s birthday, so we drove into the very small town of Cherokee and had the most delicious dinner.

Waking up early, we decided to see the Appalachian Trail as it passes over Mount Clingsdome on top of the second highest mountain East of the Mississippi. We climbed from the parking lot the half mile walking path straight up to the summit. It was quite a site standing on a three-story concrete observation deck.

On top of the mountain, we took a detour and exploded the Appalachian Trail.

On the way down we met up with a guy treaking the Appalachian Trail and realizing he was looking for water and finding none, we helped him out with water and, yes, A FREE WHISTLE.

Fun time for all

From Smokemont Campground we will travel straight north through the Newfound Gap and headed to Gatlinville, Tennessee and our next RV Campground called Elkmont.

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