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The attack of the killer dogs

Seminole State Park Georgia is an oasis of beauty. We rode our bikes like school kids. We acted like newly weds dispite our nearly four decades of marriage. Then we decided to ride out of the park about a mile to Haverson pond. It was down a couple of dirt roads and to the right, just past a number of run down double wide trailers. The first dog was small. Nothing more of a yap dog not quite knee hig, its off-white fur dirty and mashed. It ran at Vicki who was ahead. Vicki rode faster to get away while I tried to cut the angle like a NFL linebacker . Getting between the speeding dog was easy enough and as I yelled, it pulled up and retreated.

Suddenly a far deeper barking started. It was a meaner growl that erupted. This dog was no yap. It looked part Rottweiler, part hell hound. It Was hidden behind a raggedy bush and took off after Vicki almost as if the first dog was just a diversion . It was almost as if some Indian spirit had entered the beast and was now reaping its revenge by ripping us limb from limb. I saw the angle of attack and responded.

go to next blog as this prevents me from writing too much. Forget them.

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