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The attack part 2. Redemption

Vicki saw the second hound and peddled as fast as she could, but it was just impossible to pull away as the ground was soft and our tires too narrow to pull us free.

The dog had the speed and a deep brain killer instinct. It was now just a few feet away and looked like it would knock us from our bikes and rip us to shreds. But there was one thing it didn’t have.

A 7 foot Carbonlight medium light fishing pole. I had taken it to try my luck at Haverson pond but now I lifted it high like King Author wielded Excalibur. I powered my bike directly at the vicious mangy mutt sweeping at its plate sized head as fast and as hard as I could. It is not about how hard you hit, it is all about bat speed, velocity (ke=1/2mv2) . Lucky for me I was fishing with a half ounce bullet weight and #4 Gamagatsu hook. I thumped him hard upside the head. He backed off only to attack again. I swung once more this time forcing it to give up, its tail between its legs . It ran away, coward that it was. We rode back knowing beyond all doubt that you should never leave home without having your fishing pole close at hand

Tomorrow we head off to Falling Waters State Park Florida. I hope there are no dogs; I don’t want to hurt any of the poor beasts.

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