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Twin lakes campground

Twin lakes campground and RV resort. 

How big was Twin Lakes????? Huge. It had an entire area as big as New York for little “cottage like structures” and another area as large as Los Angeles for RVs.  We pulled in late and met up with a guy named Cookie. He showed us were our site was and after hooking up the beloved electricity for our air conditioner, we went to do a combo – lets go swimming and get laundry done – extravaganza.

Unfortunately, the pool was closed and the laundry machines were either broken or being used. But worry not, we were told. Go five minutes down that path and you will find our second laundry house were we know your soiled garments will be cleaned.

Fifteen minutes later we found the second laundry house and after getting change from a good Samaritan, did our duty…thirty minutes to wash, forty-five to dry.

The next day we woke up early and paddled our way around the entire complex looking at the boats, tiny homes and golf carts.

Halfway around we ran into a short-walled damn that forced us to portage about fifty yards.  Next stop Cedar Point Campground

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