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Umatilla Oregon

We drove out of Auburn with its 40 foot pine trees, deep forests and busy freeways and after circling a snowy mountain or two, was spewed out onto a prairie grasslands of southeast Washington that looked more like South Dakota then the Pacific Northwest. In place of the enormous pines were mile upon mile of coarse scrub brush.

Soon however we hit flat farmland as far as the eye could see.

Driving into Umatilla, we expected very little but found a lot. The Umatilla Marine and RV trailer park was very nice with a full hookups. The Colombia River was a short hundred yards away and the town only a five minute bike ride away. We got dinner at a tiny BBQ place and ate at the Pup.

We did have a slight problem in that, somehow, the Pup flooded because the sink faucet somehow came on filling the sink and splashing all over the floor. Luckily we didnt have much water in the Pup. We had throw rugs out so luckily they caught most the water.

I went walleye fishing with a guide named Wade Ralston and had a windy but great time.

I fished in the morning off the bank and had two hits but no fish.

Unfortunately, Vicki’s dad got sick and we left early.

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