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Heading out East

It’s the beginning of April and we arrived in St. Louis in the late evening going directly to bed early because, starting the next day, we were off to Chicago and our megatrip east.

Starting early the next day we pulled the Pup out of storage, cleaned it up, charged the batteries, filled it up with water and hooked it up to the Durango. We drove the 5 hours north to Chicago’s bullfrog lake where we dropped the Pup off and immediately noticed water all over the inside of the little 16 foot trailer.

It seems that I left the water pressure on and forgot to secure the kitchen water faucet valve so all 25 gallons of fresh water splashed and poured all over the inside soaking the rugs, floor, and all lower aspects of the kitchen.

After about two seconds of screaming anguish we laughed, cleaned up the mess, laid out the rugs to dry and headed to Oak Park to see the grand kids.

One of my favorite books is Isaac Asimov’s I robot. In the book, the master robot computer that runs the entire world goes wonky and starts turning off water, killing crops and making life very difficult. The inventor of the robot computer tried to fix it but couldn’t seem to find the problem. Finally, at the end of the book, we learned that the robot computer was giving humans grief on purpose to make us stronger, more resilient.

Sometimes I see the Pup as Isaac Asmov’s robot computer.

In any case, we had a great time seeing the kids and grandkids.

After three days of playing board games, watching Miles play T-Ball and helping make dinners breakfasts and lunches, we left for East Harbor State Park.

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