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Well, here we are, Vicki and I am on a yet another RV road trip. This trip was not some unplanned vagabonds trek to parts unknown but had clearly twin motives. The first was for us to explore the far northern aspect of Minnesota in search for the elusive 7 pound small mouth bass. The second mission was to babysit for our daughter Jessica’s children, our grandchildren.  It seems that a close friend of hers was getting married on Rainy lake Minnesota and so we saw this an opportunity to enjoy our grandkids and search for a lunker bass. 

Our first stop on our travels north was George Wyth State Park in Central Iowa. It was at about this time that we learned that Zelda, my daughter’s family husky dog , was very sick and that the prospect of us meeting up with the kids was in question. 

After a short discussion it was agreed that we were going towards Canada and if things worked out, we would camp with the grandkids. 

We pulled into George Wyth State Park after 6 hours of easy driving and we’re amazed at how beautiful it was. On one side was the Cedar River on the other was a number of amazing small lakes, each clear, cool and rimed wit dark green lily pads. 

We parked the Pup, immediately grabbed the bikes and headed down a beautiful bike path toward downtown Waterloo in search of a store/gas station that might have bread for a tuna salad dinner we had planned for later that evening. 

Stopping first at a tire store to fill a low bike tire, we then headed to a neighborhood bar for directions to a grocery store.  Despite the fact it was four, we were parched from our ride and entered Buzz’s bar. It was packed with patrons and after a complex shuffling of chairs, we sat at the bar and had beers. The locals, realizing we were lost, told us about a store a long distance off, but recommended a Mexican restaurant only a stones throw away. 

“Tortillas,” Vicki announced. “We don’t need bread, we’ll buy tortillas. 

Well, we didn’t need tortillas after all as we shared a fairly decent burrito, guacamole and margarita. 

Cycling back to the campground, we played games till dark (Vicki won mostly) and called it a day. The next morning I woke up early to fish. As most my friends can attest, after trying my best, had no luck. Now onward north to Moose Lake, Minnesota. 

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