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Utah State Park, Utah

We left the beautifully remote Angle Creek Campground and motored East. We arrived at the Utah Lake State Park Campground and rode bikes where we saw beautiful bike trails, anglers catching fish and picnicking people having fun. We decided that, as our plane for Chicago leaves early, we need to forgo any early morning fishing or hiking but instead drive  to a Walmart and winterize the Pup. This means driving antifreeze through the pipes, valves and toilet. We finished and drove straight to the uhaul storage center in Eagle Mountain and after dropping off the trailer drove to the airport   

We had a great time at Miles’s birthday. Fantastic. I wore a costume and the kids pummeled me with water balloons.

Upon returning to Salt Lake City we sped East toward Rawlings Wyoming.

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Steve and Mary

After returning to Charolette  we meet up with Steve and Mary at a Mexican restaurant for lunch and we were able to visit with Steve this  time.  So good to see the cousins.

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