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Cottonwood Campground at Joshua Tree SP, My Sister Joins us on our way to St. Louis

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

We left Black Rock State Park and headed to Joshua Tree National Park. We stayed at Cottonwood Campground that was in the south east corner of the park.

We asked my sister Joanne Who lives in Palm Springs (an hour away) If she would join us in Cottonwood and she agreed. We met up , had a wonderful steak, mushroom, potato, broccoli dinner and star gazzed till late in the night.

Joanne, by the way, slept in the lower of the bunk beds which we will now call “Joanne’s Niche”

The next day we visited amazing cholla gardens, ocotillo gardens and tremendous rock formations. We saw huge Joshua Trees and all kinds of cliffs.

on the second night we had wood fire pizza made with hollowed out French bread, pizza sauce, Italian sausage and mozzerella cheese

The last day, Vicki and I woke up before sunup and hiked from the Cottonwood oasis and climbed a total of 4 miles to the summit of Mastadon Mountain. The view was beautiful.

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