• Dr. H. W. Wright

Visiting our niece in backcountry

We woke up early and headed to a small river that poured into Stockade Lake. Neither Vicki nor I had paddled boarded down a river to a lake so this was exciting. It was clearly the most awesome paddle board adventures we have had. Afterwards we took off for Hermosa South Dakota where Matt and Gina live, stopping by a bike trail on the way. It was awesome

Unbeknownst to us, the adventure was just starting.

Matt’s house sat at the bottom of a gravel road that was more of a Cliff then a thoroughfar.

We, using every trick in the book, extricated ourselves and ended up parking/camping in a neighbor’s drive.

We had bison burgers, corn, a wonderful salad and cookies by candlelight under a gorgeous South Dakota night sky. Matt and Gina’s home was amazing; two story modern with original art throughout.

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