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We just got our Wolf Pup

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

So we are totally into the RV scene. Not just because of COVID. Not just beca we want to ge away from the cities, but the open spaces give you this wonderful vibe. To say the least, we were sold. After visiting three different RV centers we found the wolf pup. We call it the Pup. We were looking at different models when a tractor trailer pulls in with the most gorgeous little trailer on the back. The salesman pointed to it and said that one’s really nice, you can store bikes in the side, it’s got a really cool sink, it’s got a big bed and it’s got an amazing shower. We looked at it , fell in love with it and bought it on the spot (After negotiating a good deal). Now the only problem was we didn’t have anything to pull up with. We ran off and bought a new Durango that was fun to drive , had a fantastic sound system, had red bucket seats and could pull 7700 poundsy -the Pup only weighed 3500. Not three days later we took it out for a trail run at Table rock state park to learn how to work all the whistles and bells.

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