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Mammoth Cave SP. Where is everyone?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

We had a great time seeing the family and decided to get an early start and head off to our next stop. As usual, something came up so we were delayed the next morning, there was a change in the weather and we decided to drive seven hours to Mammoth Cave State Park Kentucky in order to keep from driving in icy conditions. We arrived again in the dark, just in time to miss blowing snow.

The next morning we were the only campers in sight. It was beautiful and we took a quick trip to Mammoth Cave to see the sights.

Being from Missouri were used to beautiful caves with stalactites and stalagmites and crystal clear intracavern streams. Mammouth, while large, was rather plain in comparison.

Vicki said “But Mammoth Cave is the longest cave on Earth“(417 miles long). I figure the fact that it is so big simply makes the fact that it is boring that much more frustrating.

We did have a great time however.

Tomorrow we head off to Tennessee and hopefully warmer weather at Henry Horton state park.

By the way... There are very few times that are as romantic as spending the night listening to Nora Jones, the soft shhhhhhh of snow as it covers the Pup trailer all the while knowing you have Henry Horton State Park in the future.

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